The Students' Activities in Investigative Learning, SAIL component of the gifted program, is designed for those middle school students who meet Missouri's criteria for gifted education. Students who have already qualified for gifted services will continue receiving them through SAIL in their middle school years.  Students may also qualify for SAIL once they enter middle school if they meet the criteria set forth by the state.  Students may receive services in either an elective format or in academic excellence for a minimum of 200 minutes per week.

    The SAIL program offers classes which enable the gifted/talented middle school students an opportunity to self-select topics of interest for independent or small group investigation within Hazelwood's approved curriculum for gifted education. Various activities in each field of learning make this a multi-dimensional program. Guest speakers, field trips, and academic competitions at the district, state, and national level are another means of meeting the interests of all students.

    SAIL Vision: SAIL will be a gifted program that promotes 21st century skills by providing challenging educational opportunities, as well as foster the social and emotional well-being of each student.

    SAIL Mission: SAIL will advocate for gifted children and provide challenges appropriate to gifted children's academic, social, and emotional needs through:

    • Teaching problem solving skills
    • Differentiating instruction
    • Incorporating higher-level thinking
    • Creating a purposeful learning environment
    • Encourage self-advocacy
    • Providing opportunities for goal setting and self-evaluation 

     Outside Resource:

    Duke Tip Talent Search https://tip.duke.edu/