• Parents, we are excited to roll out our three-period day this year in grades 3-5.  We previously had four periods a day, which will continue for our second graders due to staffing of first and second grades on Thursdays. When we returned from the extended closure, the transportation changed to bringing students back to their elementary schools.  This resulted in shorter class times, which limits our ability to cover the content and go into the depth that we feel is most beneficial for our students.  Here is our revised schedule for grades 3-5:
    Homeroom 8:50-9:20
    1st period: 9:20-10:45
    2nd period: 10:45-11:30
    LUNCH/RECESS 11:30-12:30
    2nd period (cont): 12:30-1:10
    3rd period: 1:10-2:35
    Homeroom 2:35-2:50
    Dismissal: 2:50


    Click on the grade level to view the course options and descriptions available for first semester. Third through fifth grade students will choose three classes; second grade students should choose four classes. Please make sure to have a few alternatives selected in case the classes have been filled.

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