18 Practices Proven and Effective for Teaching Reading

  • These 18 Practices are Proven Effective for Teaching Reading

    Heinemann Publishing

    Heinemann Publishing


    What works when you teach reading? These 18 teaching practices have been shown effective by reading researchers. Some are for beginning readers, some for older readers, and some for readers of all ages.

    1. Focus on meaning

    2. Read aloud

    3. Do everything you can to get students to read

    4. Give beginning readers lots of opportunities to interact with print

    5. Provide opportunities for success

    6. Teach phonics — but don’t overdo it

    7. Provide a rich array of print choices

    8. Give students a choice in what they read

    9. Balance challenging texts with easier ones

    10. Teach reading as thinking

    11. Model your own reading

    12. Name and teach reading strategies directly

    13. Support readers before, during, and after reading

    14. Demonstrate the usefulness of reading

    15. Give students daily opportunities to talk about their reading

    16. Ditch the workbooks and skill sheets

    17. Link reading to writing

    18. Match reading to classroom practice


    Details on these powerful practices can be found in:

    Comprehension & Collaboration, Revised Edition, by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey “Smokey” Daniels (Heinemann, 2015).

    Comprehension Going Forward, edited by Harvey “Smokey” Daniels (Heinemann, 2011).