HSD Safety Tip Line

  • HSD Safety Tip Line


    We encourage students, parents, and residents to report safety and security issues and to feel assured that their information will be immediately evaluated, responded to, and held in the strictest confidence.

    You can send a tip using the HSD Safety Tip Line below or by calling 314-281-4584.

    The online HSD Safety Tip Line and the 314-281-4584 phone line are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to anyone wishing to report any information. All reports and calls are handled confidentially. Also, you can email directly to the tip line at tipline@hazelwoodschools.org

    HSD Safety Tip Line by phone are received on a recorded telephone line that is continuously monitored by the district's security department.  This line is not immediately answered but goes directly to voicemail. After the call is completed, Hazelwood reviews and evaluates the recording and notifies the appropriate school, department, or administrator of the complaint or information.