Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Elizabeth McCrary

Hi!  My name is Elizabeth McCrary and I am very excited to share with you a bit of background information about myself.  I am a veteran teacher, going into my 25th official year of teaching. I am certified K-6, and have spent the majority of my experiences with scholars in grades 4 and 5. This is my 2nd year at Grannemann, as a Fourth Grade Teacher. I received my certificate in Elementary Education from St. Louis University, as well as an undergrad in Psychology.  I worked for Magdala Foundation, a social service setting that provides independent living skills, and many other services. I also worked for Annie Malone Children and Family Services, piloting the Day Care Respite Program within the agency, as well as teaching for Emerson Academy, which was a part of their school for troubled children.  

My career continued with St. Louis Public Schools, in which I remained for 4 years, and 4 years with Riverview Schools. I relocated to Virginia, and out of curiosity wanted to know more about their education system, and I did and I loved it for 15 years. I taught in Norfolk and Newport News, Virginia, in which one of the districts was an all-year round school.  (Achievable Dream Academy)

I have also owned and operated a tutoring service that I contracted student teachers from a local college to assist those students in earning their teaching degrees.  

I am a proud mother of four adult children, 2 boys and 2 girls, and, of course, a few grandchildren!  I enjoy listening to music and relaxing, spending time with family, and reflecting on ways to encourage my students! 

I am also an advocate for children and encourage students with high expectations and to build their confidence.  Welcome to the 22-23 school year, and let’s enjoy getting back on track and preparing for a fun and productive teaching and learning experience!  Thank you in advance!

My legacy is that I want to be known that I had a “special” passion for teaching and learning! The classroom gave (gives) me a feeling of joy, excitement and was (is) very difficult to let go! I want it known that my students loved/appreciated me and I loved/appreciated them back. I want to think that I helped to lay the foundation of my students’ future and success!