Existing Hazelwood Families with a New Student

  • Enrolling Your Student (Grades KG-12)

    For existing Hazelwood School District families who need to enroll a new student, please find the instructions for “Adding a New Student” here.

    Step 1

    Existing families with a new student must also begin the enrollment process by completing the 2022-2023 Quick Registration Form and emailing your school registrar or secretary

    Please find instructions on “Adding a New Student” in the Parent Portal here.
    You may also download the Tyler/SIS 360 Mobile App Tyler SIS  to use your mobile device to complete online registration.

    Step 2

    Gather documentation required to complete the enrollment process:

    • Unexpired driver’s license or state identification of the parent or guardian enrolling the student
    • Birth certificate issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics
    • Current immunization/health records
    • Transcripts and/or transfer of grades from the previous school(s) (Required prior to enrollment completion)
    • Discipline Record from the previous school(s), for grades six through twelve (Required prior to enrollment completion)
    • IEP and evaluation (if the student is receiving Special Education services)
    • Proof of residency (please see details below)

    Proof of Residency

    The Hazelwood School District requires all families to provide documentation showing they live within the district's attendance area. If you have questions about proof of residency, contact your school registrar.

    Each family must submit one item from List A and List B in the enrolling parent's name. 

    Unless a student is exempt from the proof of residency requirement, one document from each List A and List B are required. Electronic documents are permissible if they are current and contain the information required for the district to verify proof of residence (date, name, address, applicable signatures, etc.). The district has the right to request additional proof at any time or to employ other means to verify residency. Under Missouri law, misrepresenting residency is a criminal offense. If a family’s residency status is found to be inaccurately represented or changes without notification to the district, the district may act to recover the cost of services provided.

    List A Documents

    • Deed
    • Mortgage statement dated within 30 days of the date of submission
    • Unexpired lease/rental agreement signed by landlord and tenant and including the address, apartment number, and date of rental
    • Real estate tax receipt dated within 1 year of the date of submission

    List B Documents

    (One utility bill dated within 30 days of the date of submission for verification. Bill should include customer name, service address, and billing date)

    • Electric bill, Water bill, Gas bill, Sewer bill, Trash bill, Internet bill, or Cable bill

    *Occupancy permits are no longer accepted as proof of residency

    اقرأ القائمة بالعربية / Leer la lista en español / Soma orodha hiyo kwa Kiswahili

    If you live with a Hazelwood resident (and you are not the leaseholder or homeowner), please contact the Office of Residency at 314-953-5141 or residency@hazelwoodschools.org.

    If you are experiencing homelessness, please contact the Homeless Liaison, Michelle Pendleton at 314-953-5164 or mpendlet@hazelwoodschools.org



  • Other Important Questions

    What is the birthday entrance requirement for kindergarten?

    • Children must be five years old before August 1 to enter kindergarten.

    What options are available for preschool Hazelwood?

    • Hazelwood School District offers Parents as Teachers (in-home visiting programs for children ages 0-5 years). For more information about Parents as Teachers please call 314-953-7635 or email pat.screening@hazelwoodschools.org
    • The Hazelwood Early Childhood Education Program has a variety of preschool programming options for students ages 3-5 years old. All students must receive a free developmental screening to determine which programming is appropriate to meet the needs of your child. Please contact: pat.screening@hazelwoodschools.org to set up a date for this free developmental screening. 

    How does Hazelwood handle guardianship for students residing part-time in two school districts?

    • According to Board Policy JECA, if the student physically resides and is the domicile of a biological parent, military guardian pursuant to a military-issued guardianship or court-appointed legal guardian; and, as long as the student physically resides in the district for reasons other than obtaining access to the district's schools, regardless of with whom the student is living, and has a waiver of proof of residency on file, Hazelwood School District can enroll the student.

    What academic assistance is available for students for whom English is a second language?

    • Introductory English instruction is offered through the district's EL Program (English Learners) program.
      Please log into Tyler/SIS Parent Portal to complete the Language Use Survey. You can also complete the Language Use Survey using your mobile device. To do so, download the Tyler/SIS 360 App Tyler SIS For more information, please contact Deborah Wright at 314-953-5462 or by email at dwright1@hazelwoodschools.org.

    Are you a military parent or foster parent of a student previously in a Gifted Program?

    May my child attend a different Hazelwood school that is outside of my attendance boundary?

    • Hazelwood students, in grades K-12, should attend their school of attendance based on their address. There are few exceptions to be considered residents can request their children attend a school, other than the one for their assigned attendance area as long as their request aligns with the reasons outlined in the district's Intra-District Transfer Policy. To make this request, please contact the Office of Residency and Enrollment at 314-953-5141 or at residency@hazelwoodschools.org

    Who may enroll a student using the online enrollment and registration process?

    • The primary household parent is the individual who may enroll the student. If the student lives with someone outside of the biological parent, please contact the Office of Residency and Enrollment at 314-953-5141.

    What is MOCAP?

    • Each school year, HSD also offers virtual course options for students through the Missouri Access Program (MOCAP). This option is still available during the 2020-2021 school year.  MOCAP is not the same as the 100% virtual school option HSD is offering for the 2020-2021 school year. Families who are interested in the MOCAP program can learn more by clicking here.


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