COVID-19 Vaccine Pre-Registration

  • Health departments, medical providers, and pharmacies across Missouri and Illinois have opened pre-registration websites for people who want to get the COVID-19 vaccine. People are encouraged to pre-register on multiple sites to increase the likelihood of them receiving the vaccine as soon as possible.  The vaccine is being administered through a tier system. Those who complete the pre-registration process will be contacted by the respective party when the vaccine becomes available for their tier.

    As part of our Help Hazelwood Get Healthy campaign, we are committed to providing the resources our community needs to make an informed decision about the COVID-19 vaccine. Individuals should also consult their medical provider before making any important health decision. While the foundation of the Help Hazelwood Get Healthy campaign remains encouraging people to wear masks, wash their hands, and practice social distancing, we know the success of the COVID-19 vaccine will have a direct impact on the health of our community.

    To pre-register for the COVID-19 vaccine, click on the appropriate link below.

  • Additionally, the following medical providers are allowing people to register for vaccine appointments:


    People may register now to receive a vaccination and once their eligible window opens up, they will be invited to make an appointment. Click here link to register.


    People may pre-register now to receive a vaccination through CareSTL Health. Once their vaccination windows open up, people who pre-registered will be contacted to make an appointment. To pre-register to receive the COVID-19 vaccine through CareSTL Health, please click here. 


    People in groups 1A or 1B-Tier 1 may confirm their eligibility for the vaccine and register online. Follow this link to register.


    Those interested in receiving the vaccine may register online with MyChart and SSM Health will email patients when it is time to register for a vaccination appointment. Register with MyChart by clicking here. Vaccine questions may be emailed to

    SSM Health will launch appointment-only vaccine clinics starting Jan. 25, starting with older patients. For more information, click here.


    The hospital is currently providing COVID-19 vaccinations to those 75 years of age and older since they are most at-risk in the Phase 1B Tier 2 population, according to its website. St. Luke's patients who are 75 years old and older will receive an email from the hospital for information on how to schedule an appointment. 

    The hospital does not have an online vaccine registration tool. St. Luke's vaccination protocol is posted on its website.