Help! I don't know what to submit!

  • What kinds of videos could you create?

    • cooking a recipe with your family
    • teaching how to say phrases in another language
    • demonstrating a dance 
    • teaching how to play a game
    • reading a story in another language
    • making a craft
    • describing how school in America is different than school in your home country


  • What kind of pictures could you submit?

    • pictures of you or your family in traditional clothes
    • a finished craft
    • a piece of art
    • a picture of what your house in your home country looked like
  • What kinds of writing could you submit?

    • a family recipe
    • directions how to play a game
    • a traditional story
    • directions for making a craft
    • the story of you or your family moving to America
    • the story of your family's heritage
    • poetry about what it feels like to live in America
What else?
  • Can I submit anything else?

    • YES!  You can submit ANYTHING you would like to that is about your family's culture!