• Who can submit entries?

    Any student in Hazelwood School District.  You do not need to be an English learner or an immigrant, all students are welcome to participate in the Festival of Nations.  Everyone has special traditions in their family, share them!

    What is the deadline for submitting entries?

    April 9, 2021

    When will the website be available?

    There will be an opening ceremony on April 12th.  The website will be available after the live introduction on that date.

    Can I travel the world on this website?

    Yes!  You will be able to!  You will also have the chance to fill out a "passport" and turn it in to win a prize!

    I want to submit an entry but I'm so shy!

    Submit a story or a picture instead!  You do not need to be in the picture or the video in order to submit it.

    When is the award ceremony?

    May 15, 2021

    Who do I send my entry to?