HSD Let’s Read

  • Listen along with HSD employees as they sit down and read their favorite children’s book as part of HSD Let’s Read. The project highlights the importance of reading and encourages families to read aloud to their children starting at an early age. HSD Let’s Read is geared toward children in grades K- 3rd, but students of all ages will enjoy listening along. HSD Let’s Read videos will be shared twice a month. The videos will be shared on the district’s website and social media pages. 

    One of the most important activities for preparing a child to be successful academically and in life is reading, and the best way for a child to become an excellent reader is to read aloud. By reading to a child at a very early age, children will gain communications skills, language acquisition, social skills, and literacy skills. Reading is the key to lifelong learning, so pick up a book, magazine, or news article and read aloud with your family.