Dr. LeCresha Loving-Mosley - Teacher


    Bachelor of Arts Science in Elementary/Middle Education - Harris-Stowe State University

    Master of Educational Administration - University of Missouri Saint Louis

    Doctor of Educational Administration - Saint Louis University



    Children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. It is my desire to create this type of atmosphere where students can meet their full potential. I will provide a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks and develop a growth mindset.

    I believe that there are six essential elements that are conducive to learning.  First, teachers must build positive relationships with students and their caregivers; students learn from people they like and trust.  Second, the teacher's role is to act as a facilitator of learning.  Next, students must have access to hands-on activities to increase engagement and learning.  Also, students should be 21st century learners and be able to collaborate, communicate, think critically and be creative.  Students need the opportunity to practice skills in a safe environment.  Last, but not least, technology is a must for 21st century skills and must be incorporated into the school day.



    Growing up in Japan, California, and Virginia, (Dad U.S. Coast Guard) I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my diverse school/life experiences! My diverse education/life was inspired by my parents who were my first teachers. I strived to please them by always helping others feel they belonged and to become their person best. Now, as I reflect upon my accomplishments, I understand how greatly I have benefited from their dedication. As parents, my husband (high school sweetheart) and I now have had the privilege of facilitating diverse learning and social justice experiences in our identical twin sons lives! I have over two decades of professional educational experience teaching as a college instructor, administrator and for Missouri and Texas School Districts. Additionally, I am honored to serve God in our community at Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church where my husband is the faithful member. God has blessed me with the gifts of peace, joy, and patience in teaching our future generations of leaders to dedicate their lives to accomplishing great and productive things.



    I pledge to virtually work daily to ensure that the curriculum written by the Hazelwood School District is implemented with diversity and social justice practices and procedures in my virtual classroom. This is essential so that students see themselves while relaxed in the virtual classroom thinking, learning, and growing through the grade levels. All can learn at their own maturational rates with care connections communicated daily. I also work to ensure that my classroom is a positive environment for learning for all students of all abilities.


    Contact Information:

    Phone:  314-438-4328

    Email:  llovingmosley@hazelwoodschools.org