Edgenuity Syllabus

  • Teacher:        Ms. Gwendolyn Smith                        


    Voice Mail:    314-653-8307


    Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00AM - 11:00AM 


    Course:         Edgenuity                                          


    Email: gsmith1@hazelwoodschools.org


    Time:              Monday-Friday                                   


    Periods: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7


    Commitment          Consistency          Completion



    At Hazelwood East High School we offer on-line course work and credit recovery through a program called Edgenuity. It is a rigorous online program for students to regain high school credit(s).  Counselors work to identify students that can benefit from enrollment in Edgenuity. 


    Edgenuity offers a standards-aligned video-based curriculum. The program allows educators to customize the curriculum for their students, and to monitor their progress while completing lessons, assessments, and interactive activities.


    Reports will be sent out on a bi-weekly basis by email.  The report will include the following information. 


    Report Date

    Student’s Name


    Start Date

    Tentative Completion Date

    Overall Grade

    Idle Time



    Reports will be sent to the parent/guardian, student, and his/her counselor. Each student’s goal will be based on the individual student. Students are encouraged to work on Edgenuity at home.


    Each student should have received the Hazelwood School District Edgenuity Contract, which should be signed by the parent/guardian.


    For students to receive credit for the courses assigned, they must be COMMITTED and CONSISTENT.