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    "I've been at Armstrong awhile and I know a lot of the families who live off of Hanley road. There are many without cars or have cars that aren't reliable. If they take a city bus to our school, they have to change buses twice in order to reach our school. They struggle to be connected to our school and to be able to have conferences face to face with teachers twice a year due to the city bus routes."  This concern was noted during the community redistricting workshops.  How was this question/concern considered by the work-group when developing the 2 options for redistricting?
    This area of the district presents some difficulty as it does not connect to the rest of the district on the east, north, or south.  Therefore, when moving to the west the elementary schools closest to this location are McNair and Armstrong.  Making adjustments in the boundaries creates a domino effect so that once a section is moved it often creates the need for another corresponding move.  In this case, a move out of Armstrong to another school (such as McNair), would have created the need for a corresponding move of another piece out of McNair.  This also may have meant buses traveling south of I-270 for three different schools.  While items noted in the Community Engagement meetings have been considered throughout the process, sometimes there are factors such as those in this case that does not allow a change to be made.
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