• Wilson Language Intervention Program

    Students in the Tier 3 Reading Intervention Course who lack phonics (decoding) and/or spelling skills may qualify for specialized instruction on these skills.  We use Wilson Reading System® (WRS) to directly teach the structure of the English language using an organized and sequential system in 12 Steps, not corresponded to school grade levels. It provides a complete curriculum for explicitly and systematically teaching decoding and encoding (spelling). From the beginning steps of the program, instruction also addresses high frequency/sight words, fluency, vocabulary, oral expressive language development and comprehension with progressively more challenging text. Throughout the program, the teacher follows a 10-part lesson plan that provides for extensive teacher-student interaction and multisensory learning methods. 

    Key components directly addressed in WRS are:

    • Word structure, in depth, for automatic decoding and spelling
    • Word recognition and spelling of high frequency words, including irregular words
    • Vocabulary, word understanding, and word-learning skills
    • Sentence-level text reading with ease, expression, and understanding
    • Listening comprehension with age-appropriate narrative and informational text
    • Reading comprehension with narrative and expository text of increasing levels of difficulty
    • Narrative and informational text structures
    • Organization of information for oral or written expression
    • Proofreading skills
    • Self-monitoring for word recognition accuracy and comprehension 

    For more detailed information about the Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Curriculum, click here.