Student Recruitment and Retention

  • Name of Committee:
    Student Recruitment and Retention (Committee disbanded in March 2018, after the scope of the work was completed)

    Name of Committee Leader(s):

    • Kimberly McKenzie 

    Purpose of the Committee:
    The recruitment and retention committee will concentrate on increasing the enrollment of school-age residents of Hazelwood School District. 

    The committee will focus on the following:

    • Identify reason(s) why Hazelwood students choose to transfer/attend private, parochial, charter or home-school
    • Research current Hazelwood School District transition activities and schedule
    • Draft District-wide 6th and 8th grade-level transition plans
    • Explore marketing ideas
    • Make recommendations regarding recruitment and retention strategies

    Expectations for the Committee Members:
    Attend meetings. Active participation in meetings. Make recommendations regarding recruitment and retention strategies. 

    Committee meetings will held in the Hazelwood School District Administration Building Board Room at 5:30-6:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted, on the following dates:

    • September 12
    • September 25
    • October 11
    • October 2
    • November 1
    • November 15 (Multi-Purpose Room)
    • November 29 (5:00pm - 6:30pm Multi-Purpose Room)
    • January 4 (4:00pm – 6:00pm in the Hazelwood Administration Building Board Room)

    Committee Members:

    • Behlmann, Mark
    • Bell, Dorothy
    • Bledsoe, Jaylen
    • Chappelle, Subrinia
    • Cherry-Bates, Audrey
    • Chojnacki, Brent
    • Cross, Veronica
    • Edwards, Teri
    • Gilmore, Brandon
    • Hamberg, Mackenzie
    • Jackson, L.
    • Jones, Jessica
    • Jones, Todd
    • Martin, Josh
    • McKenzie, Kimberly
    • Miller, Karen
    • Miller, Kim
    • Phillips, Matt
    • Rachel, Betsy
    • Robinson, Tonja
    • Spann, Lisa
    • Stiles, Sonja
    • Strauther, Lisa
    • Thayer, Sonya
    • Warner, Christa
    • Weber, Marquita